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July 9, 2019

Waterfront complex on former brownfield commanding rents up to $3,200 a month

Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, who’s been instrumental in toxic-waste site clean ups in Niagara County, re-appeared in North Tonawanda this morning to tout the state’s brownfield remediation program in catapulting the brand-new apartment complex on River Road as a catalyst for more development along the waterfront.

Hochul: “I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time in North Tonawanda. And the transformation to someone is so visible. When I lived in the Southtowns we didn’t actually come up to the Northtowns. We didn’t spend time in North Tonawanda. Now it’s a destination. It has a reputation for being a culinary place. A place where people can congregate. New [...]

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July 6, 2019

Basket raffle Thurs. benefits Kaboom! “destination” playground at Mayor’s Park

East of the Twin Cities Highway, there aren’t many community assets in North Tonawanda.

With the July 27 build date for the Kaboom! playground at Mayor’s Park, though, that short list is getting a little bigger.

Enjoyable for all kids — but designed for those with special needs — the playground will feature a zip line, climbing areas, slides and a forgiving play surface.

The playground will be built in six hours through the help of about 200 volunteers. (You can sign up here.)

“There’s a job for everyone,” said Kaboom’s Bryan McNamara during the design day May 13, when kids doodled their dream playgrounds.

Afterward, adults [...]

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July 3, 2019

NT belatedly pursuing security concerns at city hall; ignores questionable ethics

Two threats to the well-being of NT city government were handled very differently by the common council Tuesday.

After last week’s firearms-and-explosives scare at city hall, Alderman at Large Robert Pecoraro — who that night also lost the Independence Party primary by a wide margin to challenger Bob Brennan — called to create a committee focusing on the security of the city’s municipal buildings.

During Tuesday’s meeting, however, the mayor noted he’s brought up security concerns in past years and is still worried about “all the nooks and crannies” at city hall and its many points of entry.

Alderman at Large Austin Tylec also said he’s spoken to NT [...]

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