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October 17, 2017

“Phishing” emails might have hooked town employee in week-long email outage

The Town of Wheatfield is only just recovering from a Gmail hack that left the town’s email system down for about a week.

Councilman Larry Helwig said “it’s been a painful week” with long days getting the system back up in the information technology department.

The town has brought in outside consultants to help deal with the hacked email situation that first became apparent when phony emails were being sent out by town employees.

How the hackers got into the system is still unknown, Helwig said. But he strongly cautioned employees not to click on links contained in emails.

Emails from Amazon, UPS and [...]

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July 10, 2017

Board silent as Wheatfield gives up $750,000 grant for sidewalks on Krueger Road

“Do we have a second?” Supervisor Robert Cliffe asked Wheatfield town board members Gil Doucet, Larry Helwig, Randy Retzlaff and Arthur Gerbec regarding his resolution to accept a $750,000 grant to build a sidewalk on Krueger Road.

Wheatfield own board members Arthur Gerbec and Larry Helwig during Supervisor Robert Cliffe’s attempt to get a second regarding his proposal to build a sidewalk on dangerous Krueger Road.


“Gentlemen, I need a second to proceed.”


Wheatfield town board member Gilbert Doucet during Supervisor Robert [...]

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June 6, 2017

Krueger sidewalks getting public meeting; updated costs released

After hearing Ryan Fischer’s sister ask, “Why won’t you build us sidewalks?” Wheatfield Supervisor Robert Cliffe said the town is planing a meeting for residents to express their desire or opposition to the long-discussed project.

In the meantime, urban planner Maureen Harding asked the town board to walk down Krueger Road, where Fischer was killed on foot, and experience the traffic and the speeds at which it travels.

Deborah Fadel said the street is unique in Wheatfield due to its combination of 11 feeder streets, fire hall, playground and two commercial properties.

Fadel asked the board [...]

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May 16, 2017

Halt development until infrastructure issues resolved in Town of Wheatfield?

“I am requesting a moratorium on all development in the town until the town’s drainage and infrastructure issues can be resolved,” said Debra Bentley (above) at Monday’s town board meeting in Wheatfield.

“And I am requesting that the Town of Wheatfield block the development of the property on Ward Road that is a critical component of the southern drainage system and emergency exit for the residents of Wilrose Ct.”

“Portions of Wilrose Ct. have been completely flooded for 9 of the last 38 days. Flooding has been a problem for Wilrose since 1999 when a retention pond (named Willow Lake) was constructed to collect the storm [...]

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