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January 11, 2022

Local governments should resolve to be fully open and transparent in 2022

“Old habits are hard to change in people and especially hard to change in government,” said Paul Wolf, President of the non-partisan, non-profit New York Coalition for Open Government.

“Elected officials should begin 2022 by conducting the public’s business in an open and transparent way,” he said.

“To show their commitment to open government, elected officials serving on a village board, town board, city council or a county legislature should introduce and pass a New Year resolution stating they will:

(1) Post timely notice of all meetings at least one week prior to a [...]

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September 21, 2021

Taking a “Slow Roll” through North Tonawanda in pictures

More than 400 participants got into gear and participated in NT’s first community bike ride on Aug. 31, 2019. The 11-mile loop of North Tonawanda started on Sweeney Street at the Dockside Grill. Dozens of Slow Roll volunteers held positions at intersections and stop lights, directing bikers to stay within their rights as cyclists and under the law as users of the roadway. Like in the numerous Slow Roll events having already taken place in almost every community across WNY, bikers got to see the nooks and crannies of the city you don’t usually notice in a car. Ed Smolinski, one of the local organizers of the event, addresses the 400+ [...]
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September 10, 2021

“One Year After” 9/11 remembered 19 years later

New York City, 2002 — “Sometimes your feelings become your memories.”

Steven Whipple said that’s when he realized his recollection of Sept. 11 was bogus.

Because he lived just two miles from the smoldering, stinking, spewing nightmare of Ground Zero, the former Albion resident reported his Greenwich Village neighborhood seemingly deserted for weeks.

“It was a ghost town,” he said. “No cars, no horns, no people and the restaurants were all shut down.” Then he consulted his journal, which told a different story. “Actually, it says here that it lasted only three days.”

Three days. Three weeks. Or 365 [...]

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September 9, 2021

EDITORIAL: Proper public process proved elusive for city officials championing power plant deal on Erie Ave.

After months of trying to keep the Erie Ave. project away from public eyes, failing to hold a proper public hearing on what many argued was a new land use in the city as well as addressing air quality and other concerns from sources that didn’t have a financial stake in the project … members of the Planning Commission — including the NT Republican Party chairman Mike Carney (above left) — voted to approve Digihost’s site plan and send it on a path that will likely see the “bitcoin mining” facility operating at full blast by this time next year.

Despite the misdirect at the beginning of the meeting from Planning Commission President Tom Jaccarino (five [...]

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