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May 8, 2018

Subdivision 650 feet from toxic landfill starts review process in Wheatfield

For years people have been complaining about the health of their families on the street that divides Wheatfield and North Tonawanda.

Nearby, along Niagara Falls Blvd. is a large, suspiciously vacant area of green space — the infamous Niagara Sanitation Landfill — where for decades following World War II area chemical companies trucked and dumped their toxic byproducts.

Homes were also built and and sold nearby without the new occupants knowing what lurked beneath the soil in that large, vacant area out back.

Deadly Love Canal toxic waste got shipped to the Wheatfield landfill just a few miles away [...]

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March 8, 2018

N.T. bans dogs at farmer’s market; animal-control officer explains challenges

On Tuesday, the N.T. city council passed a resolution making dogs “unlawful” at the city’s 100+ year-old farmer’s market.

A few weeks earlier, new part-time N.T. animal-control officer Christine Hutten (above) appeared before the city council to give a report on a recent large-dog conference she recently attended with the city’s support. 

The discussion soon turned to Council President Eric Zadzilk’a often-mentioned idea to implement a “dog census” in the city as well as a possible limit of three dogs per household and raising the licensing fee, which is currently $7. 

But it was “no dogs allowed” at the market that got [...]

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March 8, 2018

250 Miller St. pulled from auction for likely Land Bank test case

The newly formed Niagara Orleans Land Bank is rallying N.T. leaders to make the city-owned 250 Miller St. its first test property in the city.

A resolution to pull the property from Saturday’s In Rem auction was unanimously approved by the N.T. city council Tuesday.

“I want to commend the council tonight for taking this proactive action,” said Niagara County Legislator Richard Andres (above). 

“I think the easy thing to do is to kick it down the road, re-visit it in a year. But as we stated at our previous workshop, North Tonawanda has the opportunity to be first out of the gate.”

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February 28, 2018

Proposed Nash Road, Payne changes draws S.R.O. crowd; no definitive answers, no timeline to implement

Opposition ran high to proposed changes for Nash Road that would turn it from a four lane thoroughfare to single lane in each direction with a permanent turning lane in the middle.

Officials pushing the plan by engineering firm Parsons Brinkerhoff on Nash Road between Erie Ave. and the Wheatfield townline said safety was a main consideration with a reduction of “conflict points” a critical component of their recommendations.

Residents who appeared before the council with their stories and take on the matter seemed to prefer the devil they knew and avoid changes.

Common stories included five-minute waits getting out of [...]

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