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February 28, 2018

What the Town of Wheatfield just did, the entire county should be doing, too

A casual observer might not have called it triumphal or even worthy of comment, but for governmental observers and watchdogs several important things took place Monday at Wheatfield’s town board meeting.

Department heads: Paul Siegmann of the Highway Department, Rich Donner of Water & Sewer, Mike Klock (above photo) from inspection, Assessor Bridget Grawe. Nearly all of them were present Monday.

But that’s not the new part. For some time now, Wheatfield has been leading the county’s major municipalities in having department heads speak regularly at council meetings.

This time, though, instead of remaining [...]

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July 20, 2017

Starting Friday, fire dept. likely to aid Twin City in advanced life support

You’d be forgiven for not knowing Lockport won’t be getting back into providing ambulance service for its residents.

Quietly buried in the Union-Sun & Journal article about Lockport firefighters reaching an 11-year contract with the city — which included a clause requiring the LFD to drop its ambulance lawsuit — was the pronouncement by Mayor Anne McCaffrey that the “conversation” was over. (The Buffalo News didn’t publish anything about it.)

So gone is the opportunity for the city to generate revenue (as the tax base shrinks) but instead the city’s finances are working within a more predictable framework with less [...]

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July 12, 2017

Out of Outwater: 4th of July fireworks moving downtown?

After the success of the July 8th Albany Symphony/fireworks event at the Flight of Five as well as reports of aggressive behavior at Outwater Park during the July 4th fireworks, the mayor and city council are considering moving the Independence Day display downtown.

The estimated crowd was about 4,000 during Saturday’s orchestra and fireworks event with about 5,000 to 6,000 on July 4th.

Moving the event downtown would have the added benefit of providing an economic jolt to downtown. Bars, restaurants and other venues saw steady business after the event.

Parking was less problematic than at Outwater [...]

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July 6, 2017

Albany Symphony concert at Flight of Five is Lockport’s ‘Event of the Summer’

The Albany Symphony concludes its week-long tour and homage to communities along the Erie Canal with an 8 p.m. concert at the Flight of Five locks in Lockport.

The free concert is part of a 200-year anniversary celebration of the historic waterway that built America.

Since the orchestra will be performing on a barge in the locks more-than-usual civic coordination was required, and Mayor Anne McCaffrey recently delivered some information regarding event logistics.

Two members of the Albany Symphony who are taking part in the orchestra’s week-long tour of canal communities to [...]

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