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September 15, 2016

‘Bomb train’ activist says region not ready for deadly threat

Each of the cylindrical tankers has the same explosive force as two million sticks of dynamite, says Wheatfield resident John Cunningham.

“If one of these goes off the rails, you evacuate everybody that isn’t dead, and you let it burn for three to four days. There isn’t enough foam in Western New York to put out one car,” he said during Monday’s Town of Wheatfield board meeting.

With a possible blast radius of one mile, Cunningham said, it’s a deadly threat he’s bringing to the attention of the public and their elected officials.

“I may have seen my first bomb train the other day,” said Wheatfield Town Supervisor [...]

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August 9, 2016

Meet Dr. Mohammad Agwa, looking to be good neighbor with Islamic Center

For a year and a half, The Islamic Cultural Center of Niagara Falls has been operating in the former Suzanne’s Fine Dining in Wheatfield.

Inside, not much has changed physically. The main room is now empty and the carpets were replaced but all the lighting fixtures remain.

Dr. Mohammad Agwa, president and Imam of the Islamic Cultural Center of Niagara Falls, received his Ph.D in comparative religions from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, the oldest university in the world.

Now that Ramadan is finished, and with it the series of dinners, prayers and gatherings led by Dr. [...]

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August 11, 2015

Wheatfield zips ahead with new staffing, playground appointments

The Town of Wheatfield has hired Vincent Sandonato as its new human resources director.

The hiring followed an end-of-meeting executive session that saw board members vote 4-1 in favor of the 29-year-old Sandonato, who is a former Niagara County legislator. He will receive $800 a week for the 20-hour-a-week position.

The Monday meeting opened with public comments and resident Mark LePardi describing the “obnoxious” noise conditions in his neighborhood.

“It’s a very quiet and comfortable community,” he said.

But the noise from a nearby paper manufacturing facility on Shawnee Road is particularly noisome [...]

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July 15, 2015

Pet Pantry seeking support for Veterans’ service

Pets come into our lives and in the process form two-way bonds of love.

But love won’t put kibble in the bowl — unless Paulette Coty is involved.

She’s the St. Francis of Niagara County, the Mother Theresa of North Tonawanda and Wheatfield’s cats and dog and their welfare.

“I’ve been an animal lover my whole life,” she said. “But I go on with this in the memory of my son Mario who lost a two-year battle with cancer at the age of 42.”

Coty is bringing cat and dog food to veterans, seniors and low-income pet owners all across Niagara County.

In 2012 she started Mario’s Pet Food Panty in Niagara County after belonging to a similar program in Buffalo [...]

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