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November 13, 2019

Disc golf expansion brings attention to NT’s Pinewoods Park

Look at a map of Western New York and the 33 acres of Pinewoods Park is notable as being the first significant greenspace north of Buffalo’s Delaware Park.

But concerns are being aired about the newly re-burgeoning park — created in 1917 as “Sweeney Park” — after its disc-golf course recently received nine new holes, some of which go deep into the mostly untouched forested area. (The game is similar to traditional golfing but instead of using a club hit a ball a frisbee is thrown into a metal basket.)

“You should have a master plan,” said former NT Environmental Committee member Mary Kate Fonzi at last week’s NT council meeting, a special session held ahead of [...]

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November 9, 2019

Tackle-football advocates rally to preserve traditional sport for kids under 12

Coaches, local politicians, parents and players crammed into the NTAA room at Rescue Fire Hall in North Tonawanda today to protest encroachment on a sport that’s been at the heart of NT athletics for generations.

However, state lawmakers citing medical evidence say tackle-football for kids under 12 — whose bodies are still developing — is dangerous and can lead to serious and permanent conditions including Alzheimer’s.

Youth-tackle advocates, however, say all contact sports are potentially dangerous and involve concussions, and they wonder why football is being singled out.

Also, youth football coaches are better trained in keeping kids safe, and [...]

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November 2, 2019

Friday night NT budget hearing draws crowd, questions regarding optimistic revenue projections

North Tonawanda’s late budget brought about an unusual Friday night budget hearing ahead of its planned adoption at Monday’s special common council session.

Due to concerns about how effectively the council can implement changes to the budget over the weekend, council president Eric Zadzilka said there was a possibility adoption would take place later since the budget can be approved as as late as Nov. 15.

As in previous meetings, several speakers drew attention to almost $1 million in projected revenues that seemed less than a sure thing.

One of the avenues for increased revenues involves going after three years of delinquent back taxes. [...]

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October 31, 2019

NYS Fair Elections Hearing in Buffalo focuses on Fusion voting question, campaign finance reform

Fusion voting is a scourge on New York State and needs to be eliminated to help stop the party-invasion tactics that have corrupted the Conservative and Independence parties and makes a mockery of our electoral system.

Fusion voting is also an important vehicle for allowing choice among voters, gives third parties a stronger voice influencing the platforms of major parties and has been constitutionally protected by the courts since 1910.

Those were some of the arguments made at Tuesday’s NYS Fair Elections Hearing, the last of four taking place across the state ahead of a Dec. 1 deadline for creating a public finance program.

The aim is to limit the [...]

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