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Fate of Water Board’s mystery millions revealed 5 p.m. Thursday

Fate of Water Board’s mystery millions revealed 5 p.m. Thursday

by Joseph KisselSeptember 15, 2016

What’s going to happen with the millions the Niagara Falls Water Board has been sitting on?

Find out Thursday 5 p.m. at The Niagara Falls Water Board, 5815 Buffalo Ave., where the results of its internal audit will be shared by its board and Executive Director Paul Drof.

“I think it’s an important presentation,” said Niagara Falls City Council chairman Andrew Touma.

“I’m very hopeful that they are able to determine those dollars can offset the rates for our rate payers, lower those rates and also solve the controller’s recommendation to help out with the infrastructure costs of the city,” Touma said.

“And depending on their findings, I think we should hold them to that,” he said. “So that was their decision to have an internal audit, and I’m looking forward to the results and I encourage my colleagues to attend that meeting.”

Niagara News Source will be there and will post a report after detailing the findings.

The meeting is open to the public and is encouraged to attend.


Members of the Niagara Falls Common Council listen to chairman Andrew Touma announce Thursday’s 5 p.m. meeting at the N.F. Water Board to reveal the results of its internal audit. From left, Ezra Scott Jr., Touma, Kenny Tompkins and Charles Walker.

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