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September 23, 2016

Dying trees in Lockport threaten safety, says resident; neighbor’s child at risk

“We’ve had quite a bit of trouble with some trees in front of my home,” said Joelle Waters of Corinthia Street during the public comment section of Lockport’s Common Council meeting on Wednesday.

“I have been corresponding with City of Lockport for three years over the trees on the front of our property,” she said.

Joelle Waters is concerned about old, dying trees falling on the part of Corinthia Street where she lives.

“The reason we starting corresponding with the city is because my father-in-law had an issue with the trees in front of his house where the damages from the trees coming down were not [...]

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July 12, 2016

Is National Grid ‘uglifying’ neighborhoods?

“There is a problem in our city with our beautiful old trees,” said Natalie Fiala at the July 7th North Tonawanda City Council meeting.

“Our city has allowed the power company to chop off branches that they deem are in the way of their power lines with no input from the family that lives there. This procedure has become a horrendous problem because they only trim the branches that surround the cable. They do not trim any branches near your house, hanging over your roof or hanging way down over the sidewalk.”

“Because the trees are in older neighborhoods, and some are very old trees, the branch reach [...]

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