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January 30, 2017

Residents urge Wheatfield town officials to be more responsive to safety issues

Last week, Wheatfield residents Deborah Fadel (above left) and Laurie Galbo (above right) spoke at length in front of the town board, asking new questions and expressing the concerns of their neighbors about several safety issues facing the town.

“Tonight we are here again to present another message to the town board members,” Fadel said.

“Our words ‘Seeking Out Safety’ for the Town of Wheatfield residents represents an S.O.S. message that is shared by our community,” she said.

“We have been told by Mr. Cliffe and other members of the board that they do not support sidewalks in our town. Yet if you read on the Town of [...]

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November 12, 2016

Niagara Falls leads the county, New York state with drug-addicted newborns

“This is not something we want to be known as number one in.”

Health data specialist Karen Hall made that statement during a multi-agency presentation Thursday on the health of young women in Niagara Falls.

Hall was responding to data that showed Niagara County leading the state in the number of drug-addicted newborns with 341.7 babies per 10,000 having to overcome neonatal abstinence syndrome because their mother used drugs regularly during pregnancy.

“I am not painting a very good picture of Niagara Falls,” she said. “These are the red flags that say we should be doing something here.”

Violence and [...]

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November 7, 2016

Young women’s mental health issues to be discussed 5:30 p.m. Thursday in Niagara Falls

Growing concern over the health status of young women in the community has motivated nine area agencies to call for a public forum at 5:30 p.m. Thursday (Nov. 10) at Abate Elementary School in Niagara Falls.

At a press conference Monday, Memorial Medical Center Chief Operating Officer Sheila Kee said Niagara Falls has the highest newborn addiction rate in New York State. Niagara Falls’ “prolonged economic depression” was cited as a primary factor as well as a lack of jobs and a poor public transportation system.

Titled “A Community Conversation on Mental Health Disorders and Substance Abuse in Young Women,” the gathering will focus on such issues as [...]

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November 2, 2016

Candlelight already raised exhaust stacks; inspector says site ‘in conformance’

Last week, Alderwoman Anita Mullane asked this question at the Lockport Common Council’s work session.

“Are they going to raise the exhaust stacks at Candlelight Cabinetry?”

Alderman Mark Devine, who’s west-end district includes the manufacturing facility, said Candlelight already had — about two and a half months ago.

The stacks were raised 10 feet, he said.

Since then residents are still experiencing the noxious odor that blows down Bright Street as well as Ohio Street.

One resident says they’ve been complaining about this for 10 years.

“As far as the zoning [...]

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